No single use plastic

All around Cambodia the waste collection and treatment is a major problem. Each small single piece of plastic is taking more than 100 years to disappear. It is not only an issue for our eyes but for the nature as well as the wildlife.

That is why at Pavillon d’Orient, we believe that the environmental conservation is primordial. We aim to reduce our plastic consumption to 90% in the whole property.

We already start 2 years ago to replace plastic bottle of drinking water by refillable glass bottle. From now on we will try our best to reduce the single use plastic in room but also in every services.

The staff is behind us to help us, we believe that we all have a responsibility at work but also at home.

Please help us as well !


We try our best to recycle the single use products such as:

Aluminium cans are collected to be recycled.

Cooking oil is given to an NGO Naga Biofuels, they will produce sustainable biodiesel.

Glass bottles are collected.

Waste foods are collected by Lok Tasom (Mr.) in order to feed his pigs.

Pavillon d'Orient Environment